Tina Malia - "Serendipity" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)


Foto: Hey there!

Here are the lyrics for the song "Serendipity," as promised, along with another photo from the Lost Frontier shoot.  Those birds were not Photoshopped!  It just happened to be a mystic moment.......

Last week I asked for your interpretation of the lyrics for "The Lost Frontier" and got some amazing, inspired responses.  Thank you!  This week I thought I'd share a little of my own inspiration for writing the song "Serendipity." 

I'm often amazed at the moments we meet people that will ultimately have a huge impact on our lives.  Sometimes it's while taking a "wrong turn" and ending up where we hadn't originally intended, or simply being intuitively led in to a situation for no apparent reason.  I enjoy looking back at all the stories of my great teachers, friends and loves, and remembering that initial moment when our lives first touched.  Of all the billions people on this glorious planet, the odds that we will meet one another are slim and precious.  I'm so grateful that YOU are one of them.......

Have a beautiful week and please let me know what song you'd like next!